Monday, May 13, 2013

Reset the “furthest page read” of a book you’re re-reading

How to reset the last page read of a Kindle book Kindle tip: Reset the furthest page read of a book youre re reading

Thanks to the Kindle’s helpful “Whispersync” attribute, you can commence looking through a book on, say, your Kindle Fire, then select up proper where you remaining off on yet another Kindle-pleasant system, like an Android phone or Iphone.
But if you attempt to re-read a Kindle book that you completed a calendar year in the past, your various Kindle products will want to soar to the very final page you read—meaning, most likely, the stop of the book—even if you only re-study to Chapter 2 the other working day.
The great information, even though, is that you can reset the “furthest page read” for any Kindle e-book you would like.
As soon as which is carried out, the Kindle’s Whispersync feature (which also retains observe of your bookmarks, highlights, and notes) will primarily fail to remember the final webpage you study in a provided e-book and start over—and of course, that indicates you will once more be capable to jump again and forth between your a variety of Kindle units without losing your location.
Kindle furthest page read settings 300x112 Kindle tip: Reset the furthest page read of a book youre re reading
You can reset the “furthest page read” for a offered Kindle e-book from the “Manage Your Kindle” configurations in your Amazon account.
Here’s how…
  • Log on to your Amazon account from a desktop browser, hover your mouse more than the “Your Account” tab, then pick “Manage Your Kindle” from the fall-down menu.
  • Look through your Kindle library until finally you discover the e-book you’re re-looking through, or just variety the title into the search box.
  • After you have discovered the right ebook, click the “Actions” button on the right facet of the website page and click the “Clear furthest web page read” selection.
  • Now, the subsequent time you open that specific ebook, the initial webpage it opens to will turn into the “furthest” web page read as much as your Kindle products and apps are worried.
Reset the “furthest website page read” of a e-book you are re-reading through

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