Sunday, September 15, 2013

How to fix Verizon iPhone 5 leaking cellular data while connected to Wi-Fi

How to keep your Verizon iPhone 5 from leaking cellular data Is your Verizon iPhone 5 leaking cellular data while connected to Wi Fi? Heres a fixSo, I was poking all around my on the internet Verizon Wireless account for my new Iphone five lately when I seen some thing odd: tons and heaps of tiny cellular data charges, even when my Iphone was connected to my house Wi-Fi community.
The 4G knowledge use mentioned on my account wasn’t anything significant, mind you—just a number of kilobytes here, a couple of megabytes there, often in the center of the night when my Apple iphone was asleep on my bedside table, and effectively inside of range of my Wi-Fi foundation station.
Small even though they are, though, those odd bits of cellular knowledge use can truly start off to include up, specifically when you have signed up for a “capped” 4G data strategy.
Meanwhile, some Iphone 5 end users have complained of even bigger chunks of rogue mobile data usage on their accounts—as much as a gigabyte a working day, even when they hadn’t strayed much from Wi-Fi.
Verizon iPhone 5 carrier settings alert 300x261 Is your Verizon iPhone 5 leaking cellular data while connected to Wi Fi? Heres a fix
A fast, in excess of-the-air update of the Verizon Apple iphone 5?s provider configurations must plug its mobile knowledge leak.
So, does the Verizon Iphone five someway “leak” mobile data even when related to a Wi-Fi community?  The response, as it turns out, is indeed.
Apple has issued a help observe warning that “under certain circumstances,” the Iphone five “may” eat Verizon mobile information even when it is sypposed to be making use of Wi-Fi information instead.
The repair? An “over-the-air” update to the iPhone’s provider configurations, which normally takes just a handful of faucets and only a couple of minutes of your time.
Here’s how to grab the update:
  • Tap the Configurations app on your Apple iphone 5?s home screen, then faucet Standard, About.
  • An notify titled “Carrier Settings Updated” will pop up on the display. Faucet the “OK” button.
  • Next, energy off your Apple iphone: press and keep the “sleep/wake” button that sits on the best edge of your handset till the “slide to electrical power off” slider seems, swipe the slider handle from left to correct, then wait around for the spinning wheel in the center of the monitor to disappear.
  • Press the “sleep/wake” button again the Apple emblem should appear, and you should see your Iphone lock display screen a handful of seconds later.
  • Last but not least, double-examine that the updated carrier settings have been appropriately mounted. Tap Configurations, Standard, About, then make sure the “Carrier” entry reads “Verizon thirteen.1.”
I just utilized to provider update myself, and I’ll be maintaining an eye out for any abnormal 4G info usage on my Iphone in excess of the next handful of days—as ought to you.
And if you’re nonetheless viewing random cellular information charges whilst your Iphone is connected to Wi-Fi, contact Verizon and enable them know, pronto.

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