Sunday, September 1, 2013

Verizon Wants to Track Your Movements While You Watch TV

Think observing television from home is the ideal by itself time? Think once more. Verizon has filed patents for a Tv set set-top box equipped with cameras, motion sensors and microphones that would track the movements in a provided room –- similar to that of Xbox's Kinect program.

In accordance to the firm's patent application, the set-best box is a “media content presentation system” that would decide on advertisements based on "ambient motion" in the room. This may possibly mean looking at more commercials for singles getaways when you are snuggling with a liked a single.

Techniques like this aren't new. In 2008, Comcast proposed a related patent that would keep an eye on what was taking place in a space, and emphasize specific ads. Google has also proposed plans for a similar technological innovation.

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